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Our Streamlined Freshwater Pearl Supply Chain

Chinese Pearl & Jewellery Co., Ltd. has streamlined the freshwater cultured pearl purchase process by selling directly from the pearl farm to you. No more middlemen to clutter up the supply chain and mark up your freshwater pearl jewelry by several hundred percent.

After processing, our freshwater cultured pearl jewelry travels directly from our pearl farm and manufacturing center to you. In essence, we cultivate, harvest, sort, drill and string all our pearls, assuring you the absolute lowest cost possible. No other company in the freshwater cultured pearl business can offer this kind of value.

Freshwater Pearl Supply Chain

To give you an idea of how the supply chain works, we've detailed the process below.


Freshwater Pearl Farm

The customary freshwater pearl supply chain begins with the pearl farm. At the pearl farm, the pearl mollusks are bred, hatched, and inserted with "nuclei," or a foreign irritant, to initiate the freshwater pearl growth process.


Freshwater cultured pearl mussels can produce several pearls at one time, depending on the number of nuclei inserted. Cultivation prior to harvest is anywhere from 2 to 6 years.

After being harvested, pearls are then cleaned of debris and polished to bring out their luster.

  After Harvest .... Pearls are Auctioned

Once the freshwater pearls are harvested, they are subsequently auctioned in large quantity to many different Manufacturers, or processors, worldwide.

Manufacturing Process

Once the freshwater pearls reach the Manufacturer, they undergo several processes: Sorting according to size, color, grade.
Drilling prior to being strung.
...and finally the Freshwater Pearls are strung before going to the next level.



After pearls are processed and strung in bulk, they are sold to wholesalers.
In some cases, prior to wholesale, pearls are either strung onto freshwater pearl necklaces, or made into pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pearl pendants or brooches.

Pearls are subsequently packaged accordingly (whether as jewelry or on temporary strands) and shipped overseas.

After an additional markup, pearls are sold to retailers.



The retail level is the final sales level prior to reaching the consumer. Retail merchants include brick-and-mortar stores as well as online merchants.