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Freshwater Pearl Necklace by IPEARL with 4-5mm, 6-7mm Round Pearls and Tiger Eye, Pearl Clasp
Freshwater Pearl With Tiger Eye Necklace
TRN-10546  (N15)
Our Price : $15.9
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces (2 piece set) by IPEARL with Round Brown & White Baroque Pearls & Carnelian
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces (2 Pcs) With Multicolor & White Pearls
TRN-10680  (N82)
Our Price : $24.5
Freshwater Pearl Necklace by IPEARL with 7-8mm Round Pink Pearl, White Agate & Shell; Copper Clasp
Round Pink Pearl, White Agate & Shell Necklace
TRN-30390  (N31)
Our Price : $8
Freshwater Pearl Necklace by IPEARL with White Rice Pearls
White Rice Freshwater Pearl Necklace
TRN-3666B  (N20)
Our Price : $9.6
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Chinese Pearl & Jewellery Co., Ltd. has streamlined the freshwater cultured pearl purchase process by selling directly from the pearl farm to you. No more middlemen to clutter up the supply chain and mark up your freshwater pearl jewelry by several hundred percent. Read More>> Click the image to zoom
Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Stock
All of our freshwater cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings are stocked in the usa, so shipping to you is quick and effortless. No need to pay exorbitant overseas shipping or customs costs.  Read More>>
We have literally thousands of styles of colorful genuine freshwater pearl jewelry pieces available (pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl pendants and pearl earrings). Most styles combine genuine colored gemstones with our freshwater cultured pearls for an elegant, yet timeless look.  Read More>>
Freshwater Pearl Prosfessional
Many of our styles are not listed in our online store. but don't be discouraged-just contact us and we'll find a suitable pearl necklace, bracelet, pendant or earrings for your requirements. Or we create a custom style for you! Our freshwater pearl specialists will be happy to assist you..  Read More>>